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Know who and when created Twitter’s logo, what is its story. KNOW THIS

Ever since the world’s richest man Elon Musk bought Twitter, Twitter is being discussed everywhere. By the way, whenever the name of Twitter comes up, the image of a blue bird emerges in our mind. The same bird which has become the logo of Twitter.. In fact, somewhere in the success of Twitter, the logo of this blue bird is also seen by adding. However, when Twitter was started, this bird was not a part of it. Jack Dorsey had prepared the concept of Twitter even before the year 2006, although then its logo was not like this nor was its color blue. So in today’s know this video we will tell you who designed the Twitter logo and how? Also, tell me what is the name of the bird in it? Just stay with us till the end of the video.

When Twitter founder Jack Dorsey conceived it before 2006. Then the people he made to communicate with his investors were green in color, had small letters and finally a bird’s beak came out. When he met co-founder Bij Stone, he was impressed by Dorsey’s plan. Agreed to join Twitter and invest money in it. But he did not like its green logo at all. Its name was also twttr then. So the work started on replacing it. When Twitter was launched as a text message social site in 2006, its logo was twitter written in small letters. It was designed by Linda Kevin in a day. All its letters were kept circular.

This logo lasted for 4 years. Then the company thought that the logo should be made in such a way that it engulfs the mind of the people and it emerges as a brand. Then this bird appeared as a logo. But this bird was presented to the people in the form of people by placing them last on the right side of twitter. This bird used to reassemble from Twitter. Fast and short like a bird’s turret. The same atmosphere as if the bird is making a sound. But now it had to change further.

For this, the services of fresh designer Martin Graser, who came out of the Art College after taking a new design course, were taken. Martin removed the crest of its head, then raised the beak a little higher in the air and reduced its wings from four to three. There were circular modifications on the wings and the entire body. Grasser rounded the wings, head, beak and abdomen of this bird to look like a hemming bird. The design got better with this round. The color of the bird was kept blue. The reason for that was also that the blue color is more dominant in the website and it is commonly used in social sites. Now Twitter is one of the most popular social sites in the world. In which not only text messages but also pictures, videos etc. can be tweeted. Although Twitter no longer belongs to its founder Jack Dorsey, but its ownership has come to Elon Musk. It remains to be seen what other changes Elon Musk brings to him.

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