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High Class Busty Escort Puducherry Himaja is a gentlemen’s dream come true, besides her stunning appearance that make men turn her head Himaja’s character can be described as very friendly, sunny, appealing and multilaterally interested but always keeping a professional and pleasant manner. Her hobbies include reading, dancing and travelling to challenge body, mind and soul.

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She loves to try different tastes in food, no matter if Sushi, Paella or French cuisine, sensual as she is every new taste brings a new sensation. Young as she is she still enjoys the magic of places she has never been before and will make you see your surrounding with different eyes. With romantic evenings in intimate, sinful privacy she will conquer you with ease and style.

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If you want to meet this extraordinary lady as your female travel companion for adult vacations, spa holidays and many other arrangements we are happy to assist you in every matter and give you a truly enchanting lifetime experience with her.

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Have Phone sex with Super Busty Escort Himaja in Puducherry,  who has Indian nationality and and offers escort Phone sex & Cam services Puducherry. High class companion Himaja is an exclusive female escort and has 34 years old.

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Some men would describe me as a Kavya Madhavan look-alike with my natural beauty spot and my scent of Chanel No.5, some others say I’m more of a curvy, bubbly, Puducherry escort girl with my tanned skin and  black hair. I am elegant and graceful but don’t let that fool you I have a very risqué side.

❤ My body is tight and young with curves like you’ve not seen before on a young and beautiful woman I assure you. My bubble gum butt is my favorite asset. It is round, uplifted and full. Its roundness gives way to the tiniest of waists. Hourglass is my body, with a waist that is shaped to perfection.

My bust must be seen to be believed – E cup – bountiful large breasts that are sensitive and erotically tingle with your every touch.

You wouldn’t know they were fake if I didn’t tell you they still feel insanely real! ❤ If my body leaves you breathless then just wait until you view my alluring face and enjoy my Puducherry Escorts Cam.

I’m told my face is breathtaking, and my bright enrapturing smile and deep blue eyes light up any room. Lusciously waves of blonde tresses frame my soft and youthful face and delicately travel down the length of my back, to also fall gently against my large, soft breasts.

❤ I take impeccable pride in my beauty and maintain myself to ensure you will be absolutely blown away when we have Puducherry Escorts Cam. I am no average looking woman who has simply airbrushed herself to perfection.

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My looks are beyond the ordinary and will captivate your senses as soon as our eyes connect when you take my Puducherry Escorts Cam, erotic cam & Phone Sex Services Puducherry. It has been told I have the “porn star” look that can make men’s downstairs start to tingle at first sight.

❤ I am here to ensure you’re every erotic and deep desire is overwhelmingly met. My past career was in the medical industry and that is my absolute strength. I’ve found it is also beneficial to the sex industry ensuring I maintain immaculate sexual health.

I thrive off knowledge and am always finding ways to improve that whether it be learning an additional language or instrument. I ensure our time together will both physically and mentally stimulating.

❤ I will guarantee you an exceptional and connecting encounter, with absolute divine pleasure, a model face and an impeccable smile when we have Adult Sex chat Puducherry.

I strive to please, to fulfill and to give my all. I understand the essential qualities of a real luxury experience and I shall deliver this with utmost importance. ❤ From the moment you contact me, to the follow-up details after our rendezvous, be charmed by my care, thoughtfulness and the genuine courtesy that I give to you on an individual level.

I ensure our Puducherry escorts Cam encounter will be stimulating both mentally and physically.

❤ I believe in engaged listening and a glass of wine or bubbly shared as the ultimate ice-breaking tool. I hope you will allow your time to be pampering, unrushed and relaxed in my company. Female Escorts Puducherry – Puducherry Escort.

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BDSM Cam shows

My drive within this industry is predominantly for my own sexual gratification and exploration. I take immense pleasure from pushing my own sexual boundaries, I am genuinely open-minded and this will easily shine through in our time together online Cam Sex Puducherry, Video Call sex Puducherry as I thrive on sexual passion with men, women and couples alike.

❤ The desire to please and satisfy a man, woman or a couple is ever-present and 100% genuine. ❤ It would be my pleasure to share a little of myself, as well as get to know the parts of you you’d wish to share when we share intimate company.

Let’s drive each other wild and enjoy every breathtaking moment kissing, laughing and ultimately in intoxicating erotic lust! Female Escorts Puducherry – Puducherry Escort.
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My motivations

I’ve always been a very sexual person, however, that’s not the only reason I started doing this over ten years ago. There are several other factors that led me to this path.

I have always wanted to know my essence, who I really was and what I was able to do in the field of sexuality. I have always wanted to learn about it as much as possible and grow as a professional. Nowadays, despite having experimented and explored thoroughly, I still feel the same motivation to learn and improve myself.

Having said this, life gave me one extra challenge to encourage me to do my best as Puducherry Escorts Cam.

All this gave me the strength I needed to move forward, to accept and love myself just as I am. Yes, my illness is also part of who I am. Even though it has led to a lot of physical and emotional pain, it has also led to a greater physical and emotional sensitivity.

If you think about it, an illness can show you something important about yourself. In my case, I learnt that I’m a sensitive person, empathetic, open to pleasure (although I’m picky) and that no matter how hard things get, I don’t give up.

Ever since I started exploring my sexuality, I understood that my personal and my professional life go hand in hand. Thus, I realised I could enjoy both and I started to accept myself and what I like.

The importance of exploring our sexuality

If only we were allowed to explore, to accept ourselves and the changes we go through and to get to know ourselves in our childhood, life would be so much peaceful and easier. Sadly, the real situation is different and our sexuality is highly influenced by our education and where and how we grow up. Ever since we are born we are told how we are supposed to be, what to do and not to do in order to fit in.

It’s quite curious how when we are young we are “told” that our only option to explore our sexuality is by finding someone to do it with. Then that moment is absolutely idealised. Our sexuality and our exploration and discovery should start within ourselves. Exploring it with someone shouldn’t be an obligation, it should be something that adds to our lives.

Learning to listen to ourselves and enjoy ourselves is, in my opinion, paramount. Our sexuality is part of us throughout our lives.

If we focused more on ourselves, what we like, our intimacy, what we do with our bodies, our emotions, what we perceive… we would be able to integrate it all in a more natural way

Then, when the time came to share our sexuality with someone else, we would feel more free and we’d have less expectations. We wouldn’t get frustrated and we wouldn’t blame the other person for our own pleasure

It’s ok to explore your sexuality on your own as well as with somebody else. Just as it’s ok not to explore it at all. It’s your choice. There’s no wrong option. However, it is important to ask yourself: have I chosen this option or has someone chosen it for me.

When I was younger I would have liked to have someone who supported me. Someone who let me explore my sexuality from a healthier place, understanding my own process and accepting myself while not blaming myself or feeling alone. Maybe this way, as an adult, I wouldn’t have had so many “blocks” that kept me from accepting and loving myself.

In the past few years I have had the chance to explore and get to know myself: my emotions, how I feel about my body, how I feel about nudity or the clothes I wear; how I am with myself and other people, how I live my day to day and the different situations I experience; what are my deep desires and how I perceive myself.

I do it on my own as well as with others, but it all starts with me, being responsible and taking care of myself first.

 Puducherry Escorts Cam

Puducherry Escorts Cam

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